InSilico's mission is to put our genomes directly into the hands of the people who can use them to improve our health and lifestyle, for our own benefit, and under our own terms.


Becoming the worldwide genomic hub providing biologists with central, transparent access to sequencers, analysis tools, genome repositories, and collaboration.

Our team

An agile and experienced team supported by product, market and business mentors.

David Weiss Founder & CEO

Bioengineer, PhD in bioinformatics ULB, did research at Broad Institute and MIT.

Alain Coletta Founder & Exec. director

Molecular Biologist, PhD in Bioinformatics from University of Manchester.

Robin Duqué Full Stack Developer

Industrial Engineer, founding team member with 5 year experience building InSilico DB. Previously, software engineer @ ING (banking).

James Cauwelier Systems Architect

Master in Biotechnology. Previously VP of engineering @Sparkcentral (SV startup that raised $18M).

Jaro Vanderheijden Web Developer

Main front-end developer, 2 years experience on InSilico DB.

Virginie de Schaetzen Biocurator

MD, dermatologist. 5 year experience in InSilico DB.

Lionel Perl President of the Board

Investment banker and Private Equity investor, Member of the Board of Ageas insurance group.

Andréa Goldsztein Administrative Assistant

PhD in Molecular Biology Experience in R&D subsidy management.


InSilico Genomics’ key investors from IT, Biotech and Finance.

Shareholders from the IT field

Harold Mechelynck and Thierry Pierson, founders of Ogone, an on-line financial transactions settlement operation sold for 360 million € to French group Ingenico.

Shareholders from the academic field

Université Libre de Bruxelles and management team.

Shareholders from the medical Field

Jean Stephenne, previous President and General Manager of GlaxoSmithKline Biologicals, advisor to the Belgian government in Life Sciences, active investor in biotech companies.

Désiré Collen, MD, Professor Emeritus at Catholic University of Leuven, Founder of Thrombogenics, via his private foundation Life Science Research Partners.

Jean Marie Delwart, active and serial investor in biotech companies, via his private holding Belgocodex.

Shareholders from the field of finance

Pierre Drion, investment banker, ex Partner of Petercam, one of Belgium’s largest investment banks, Chairman of ULB Foundation.

Olivier van der Rest, Chairman of Aliaxis, a 2 billion revenues company active in construction materials, via his private holding Catalpa.